"Why arts education? Why education at all? The purpose of education is not simply to inform, but to enrich, and enlighten, to provide insights into life as it has been led and as it may be led. No element of the curriculum is better suited to that task than arts education."

-David Kerns, retired, Xerox Corporation

Arts affect the economy. The following have released figures substantiating the arts annual impact on their state or city: New York City: $9.2 billion; Cincinnati: $102 million; Vermont: $96.2 million.

-multiple references

"Business is looking for people that are creative, imaginative, and disciplined as workers...characteristics learned through the arts."

-Gordon Ambach, Council of Chief State School Officers

"...Cutting edge corporations are finding that they need to look to the arts to find the employees they need...people with analytical skills."

-James R. Hough, Chairperson of the U.S. Department of Labor's National Skills Standards Board

Art education covers the four learning domains of: cognitive-, creative-, workplace- and analytical skills.

-The Getty Center

The College Entrance Examination Board announced students who studied arts and music scored significantly higher than the national average on the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

Schools have traditionally taught only two of the eight ways students learn according to research by Howard Gardner.

Drawing increases letter recognition and reading readiness in students.

-New Horizons for Learning.