Music Education Workshop Grant Information

Due November 01 (for the following Spring) or May 01 (for the next Fall)


The WVMEA Music Education Workshop Grant program allocates funds for professional development workshops for West Virginia music teachers that focus on pertinent topics and occur outside the context of the WVMEA conference.


Any music educator, group of music educators, music supervisor, principal, or superintendent employed by a West Virginia public or private school may apply for Music Education Workshop Grant funds. To qualify for a WVMEA Workshop Grant, the applicant(s) must agree to admit WVMEA members for a reduced registration fee.


Music Education Workshop Grants average $200.00. Matching funds are not required; however, it is recommended that other sources of funds be used to supplement WVMEA funds.

Workshop Criteria

Each application will be evaluated according to the focus of the workshop and its potential for improvement of music teaching and learning.


Any completed application that is submitted will be considered according to the next specified due date (November 01 or May 01). Each application will be distributed to the WVMEA Executive Board for review at its next meeting following that due date (mid-December or mid-June). The WVMEA Executive Board will vote on each application at that meeting and will make awards according to board member consensus.



Submit requests for applications, completed applications, and final reports to:

Dr. Matthew Inkster, Chair
WVMEA Research and Grants Division
Division of Music–West Liberty
125 CSC
West Liberty, WV 26074-0295
Phone 304.336.8097