Notes A Tempo

We are making several significant changes in Notes A Tempo. We wish to take this opportunity to tell you about these changes and to specify our goals for the publication.

Until now, Notes A Tempo has been released seven times per year. After much consideration, we decided to release the publication four times per year (September, November, February, and June). This plan enables us to put more money into each issue, creating a publication that is informative, attractive, and easy to read.

The deadline for the submission of information is the 15th, two months prior to the month of publication (e.g. the deadline for the submission of information for the November issue is September 15).

Our goals for Notes A Tempo are as follows:

(1) to provide timely information about WVMEA/MENC events. To achieve this goal, each issue of Notes A Tempo will include a calendar of WVMEA events. Detailed announcements about many of these events will also be included. Each year, the September issue will contain many of the application/registration forms necessary to participate in WVMEA events. The February issue will feature a preview of the upcoming WVMEA conference and will include registration materials, biographic information about all-state conductors and clinicians, and the proposed schedule of events.

(2) to inform members about pertinent actions taken by the state legislature, the state department of education, and other administrative bodies. We hope to include regular columns by Dr. Francene Kirk, the new state coordinator of fine arts, and Dr. Jeanne Moore, the newly appointed legislative liaison for WVMEA. Articles from others who have knowledge about the actions of legislative and administrative bodies will also be welcomed.

(3) to highlight the achievements of WVMEA members and their students, past and present. In each issue, we plan to include a feature article on a WVMEA member (or members). Our first such article, which appears in this issue, highlights the daily lives of Rocky and Sheila Wiseman, band directors from Wood County. Also included in many issues will be outstanding historical articles written by John Puffenbarger. As in the past, feature articles on WVMEA members who receive awards will be included.

(4) to provide a forum for the discussion of topics of concern to WVMEA members. Many issues will include editorials dealing with topics of concern to music educators. Guest editorials are welcomed.

(5) to introduce WVMEA members to the finest music merchants in the region. We have attempted to solicit advertisements from a wide variety of music merchants. We hope that WVMEA members will take note of merchants who purchase advertisements and patronize them.

We are committed to creating a newsletter that is useful to WVMEA members. If you have questions or concerns about the publication, please do not hesitate to call, write, or e-mail us. And, most importantly, if you have information that would be useful or interesting to WVMEA members, please send it to us!

Dave Bess
Becky Taylor