Special Tri-M Announcement

There are local benefactors in your area who regularly donate funds to worthy programs. The Tri-M Music Honor Society gives recognition to our finest high school and middle school music students...one of MENC's most worthy programs.

MENC asks your assistance in bringing the two together to start a new Tri-M chapter!

We're not asking you to donate money. We're not asking you to become a Tri-M advisor.

We're asking that you contact colleagues, your child's music teachers, or your alma maters, and suggest that they start a new Tri-M chapter in partnership with a local donor. They can download the new Tri-M 2002-2003 Donor & Chapter Registration Form at http://www.menc.org/information/trim/Download.html on the Tri-M Web site, complete it, and submit it with the benefactor's check made out to MENC to register their new chapter. MENC will then send them materials outlining how to choose their members and manage their chapter.

With your help, donors can absorb the cost of chapter fees and ensure that all students who deserve this honor -- regardless of their financial limitations -- receive it.

For more information about Tri-M, visit our web site at http://www.menc.org/tri-m or contact the student programs staff at 800-336-3768 for an information packet.